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  • Active Look


    The ACTIVE LOOK is perfectly layered at the sides, the nape and the fringe. The wig is hand-tied on the top and the soft, comfortable net lace makes it as light as a feather. The lace front allows you to style the fringe in many different ways.


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  • Adore


    A charming bob with a straight finish on the neck. Adore is both young and elegant. As seductive as chic.




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  • Allure


    A skilful ladylike cut with longer hair on top. Allure is created with Ellen Wille’s new and innovative Prime Hair!




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  • Amaze


    A fancy asymmetric cut combined with a sophisticated sliced neck section. ‘Amaze’ is a state-of-the-art cut both modern and stylish. A contemporary and fashionable statement for women at the pulse of times.


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  • App


    You have got the look! With this “App“ soft and natural looking curls surround your face giving you a perfect style for this fashion season! Wide Lace Front! Short styled cut full of voluminous curls. Perfect for the summer season!


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  • Appeal


    A shoulder-length look with refined structure and elegant layers. A style with irresistible appeal. Pure fascination. This style is the perfect layered bob with classic elegance and styling versatility.


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  • Arrow


    Modern and long, long, long! This Catwalk-look of the next generation with long layers frames your face perfectly and gives you a very feminine touch. With this ”Arrow” you certainly won‘t miss the target!



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  • Award


    A feminine cut with elegant lines. Fashionably layered with a stylish pony and form-fitting neck. A look to triumph. Pure pleasure.




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  • Bo Mono


    New in the collection: Sassy, sporty, and graceful. Pleasantly unobtrusive. The Bo Mono Wig by Ellen Wille is the perfect pixie cut. It’s a sassy, sophisticated style with texture on the top and a tapered neckline.

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  • Brad comfort


    A true all-rounder. Young, sporting, cool. A dynamic appearance for every occasion. Dynamic look. The shorter layers which have been styled throughout this piece can easily be enhanced with the addition of styling gel, mouse or wax to allow you to easily find your desired style.

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  • Bradford 2.0

    Style, class and outstanding comfort. A distinguished look signalling success. An elegant haircut for men that know what they want. Perfect for your everyday use. This is made from the highest quality Synthetic hair that stimulates a natural and healthy look.

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  • Brilliance Plus


    A highlight in luxury and comfort. Feminine, sophisticated and elegant. Velvety and supple. A radiant appearance for luminous role models. Pure aura.



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