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A worldwide bestseller, the ever-popular hairpower collection presents you with high-class hairstyles that make you look and feel great every day. Skillful, stylish cuts in a wide range of natural colours with a feel-good guarantee and the high quality that you would expect from ellen wille!


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  • Bo Mono


    New in the collection: Sassy, sporty, and graceful. Pleasantly unobtrusive. The Bo Mono Wig by Ellen Wille is the perfect pixie cut. It’s a sassy, sophisticated style with texture on the top and a tapered neckline.

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  • Elite


    Elégance très chic falls on modern variations of colour. An understatement of sensuality for the woman who knows how she appeals.



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  • Fresh


    The bob with a smooth stepped look, which opens many possibilities. Fits and sits – from the rock concert to the opera. The blended fringe frames the face, creating a modern, and trendy cut.

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  • Glow

    R4,200.00 R3,700.00

    A long haired look letting you appear in the best light. Tremendously elegant and incredibly seductive. Have no false modesty! Do not just glance, outshine everybody with this sensual style!

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  • Jamila Plus

    R3,700.00 R3,450.00

    Live your unbridled passion with an absolute luxuriance of curls.




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  • Limit

    R4,100.00 R3,700.00

    Limitlessly feminine in the best of styles. Full of impact. Cool seduction, that no one can escape.



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  • Lucky Hi

    R4,300.00 R3,900.00

    You will love Lucky Hi. The friendly, shoulder-length look is fresh and vibrant. It has been refined since the launch of the last collection. A tempting look made to conquer hearts.


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  • Mega Mono

    R5,500.00 R5,200.00

    A strikingly natural long hair model for the unsophisticated woman. Medium length, with extended fringe; a fabulous look that radiates simple and elegant beauty.


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  • Pretty


    An absolute beautiful eye catcher with a full fringe and gorgeous Hollywood waves. Pretty is a long, layered and wavy wig with a full fringe. Smoothness at the root transitions to loose curls at the ends.

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  • Push-Up


    Funky, totally easy five-finger hairstyle. Once through the hair with the hand – finished! And at the same time always chic.



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  • Risk


    Sportingly short, extra stylish. The Pixie-hairstyle for a clear, beautiful countenance. Ready to go! It’s short, cropped and incredibly modern. This look is all about simplicity and subtlety. A striking & easy to maintain look.

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  • Risk Comfort


    For us comfort is written with a capital C! Experience our bestselling style now even lighter! The Risk Comfort is the upgrade and ultra comfy version of the Risk wig.


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