PurePower - finest Human Hair

You can feel the special quality of the human hair that we use for Pure Power.

You can see the dedication we have put into the development of every single model. Every Pure Power model embodies excellent quality and expertise. Each is the mergence of inspiration and emotion. A sensual experience. Quality you can see and feel. Pure passion. Pure Power!

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  • Appeal


    A shoulder-length look with refined structure and elegant layers. A style with irresistible appeal. Pure fascination. This style is the perfect layered bob with classic elegance and styling versatility.


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  • Award


    A feminine cut with elegant lines. Fashionably layered with a stylish pony and form-fitting neck. A look to triumph. Pure pleasure.




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  • Brilliance Plus


    A highlight in luxury and comfort. Feminine, sophisticated and elegant. Velvety and supple. A radiant appearance for luminous role models. Pure aura.



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  • Cascade


    Sophisticated layers and sensual curls. Dreamlike velvety human hair that harmoniously caresses the face. Pure allure!




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  • Delicate Plus


    A fashionable bob in a class of its own. Noticeably smooth and with a natural shine. The high art of fine gestures. An ode to the delicate nuances. Pure finesse.



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  • Emotion


    Passion in style. Inspiration that vibrates in every fibre. A long-haired look with stylish accents and harmonious lines. Timelessly beautiful. Pure emotion.



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  • Flavour


    A touch of Bob, a pinch of symmetry, coupled with elegance and femininity. Simply tasteful and enchanting. Pure sensuality.




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  • Inspire


    Shoulder-length, layered elegance. Velvety-soft to the touch and beautiful to look at. A look to kiss the muse. Pure inspiration.




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  • Ivory


    Sporty, chic and elegant. Natural shine in a huge range of colours. A short cut that will keep you in long-term memory. Pure class.





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  • Obsession


    A magnificent hair style. A promise of endlessly long passion. Sensuality right up to the tips. Velvety and seductive. Pure luxury. This is a gorgeous and long style wig that has flattering layers which will compliment all face shapes. This style will ensure that this wig is classed as Pure Perfection.

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  • Passion


    A wig with real devotion. True desire. Velvety smoothness up to the tips. Sensual and seductive. Simply irresistible. Pure passion.  The 100% Remy Human Hair is soft, has natural movement and the perfect density to ensure a completely natural look.


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  • Prestige


    Unique class and distinctive style. A shoulder-length, feminine bob that is laid-back and chic likewise. Pure elegance. Bob shapes styles are always popular, as they are so flattering to all face shapes. Don’t miss out on the luxurious Prestige Human Hair wig.


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